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Strategies & Trends in Capital Allocation: Building Materials

Gyrations in the lumber marketplace, supply chain shortages, rapidly advancing “living materials,” and infrastructure legislation are some of the trends impacting how building materials companies evaluate their capital investment priorities.

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ESG + Capex: Where do we go from here?

It should come as no surprise that ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues are top of mind for Board of Directors, CEOs, CFOs, Financial Planning & Analysis teams.

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Essential Components of a Unified Capital Planning Framework

It’s time that you approached your Capex management more efficiently and strategically. This briefing provides the essential components of a Unified Capital Solution framework – so that you can establish a single source of truth at your organization.

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Monthly Public Demo of Finario

See how automating any or all phases of your capital management process can yield incredible results — including streamlined decision making, fewer cost overruns, better project ROI and essential reporting for strategic capital planning.

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How EBOS went from a Capex “nightmare” to best-in-class planning, workflow and reporting.

Industry: Healthcare Wholesale & Distribution

EBOS, a leading healthcare wholesaler and distribution company, elevated its Capex program to drive new avenues of success. See how EBOS improved their Capex processes that aided strategic decision making.

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