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It’s not just about making your Capex approval workflow faster. It’s about making it better.


A patchwork of manually updated
and shared documents.

Does your current approval workflow look something like this? Untold hours lost to manually updating and sharing documents. More chances for inconsistencies and errors. Opportunities lost.


An IT headache: poor UX, asynchronous,
difficult to administer or update

Does your SharePoint, Lotus Notes, or other internally developed platform feel like this? Is it incapable of completely handling a complex approval stream? Does everyday use necessitate time-wasting workarounds?


All phases automatically and dynamically updated with Finario Capex approval software.
Streamlined implementation and management.


Automated Capex approval workflow


Let’s GO


The higher you go up the pyramid, the more efficient and effective your capital expenditure management will be. Automating your approval workflow with Finario’s cloud-based solution is a great place to start.

The Capex Performance Hierarchy

“Having talked to hundreds of enterprises in depth about the state of their Capex approval and workflow processes, it was abundantly clear that there was a glaring need for a purpose-built solution capable of handling any complexity, in any enterprise environment.”

– CEO, Finario


Streamline your manual processes and eliminate the costs associated with countless labor hours. Vastly reduce – if not
eliminate – the propensity for errors as documents get shared indiscriminately and synchronizing versions is untenable.

Capex approval software reporting

Standardize capital evaluation and approval criteria. This helps to eliminate bias and “gold plating” (inclusion of costly/ unnecessary features in proposed project). Ensure that the business rules that govern your approval authorization requirements are applied every time, regardless of division or location

Capex approval software workflow


Connect approvals to capital budgeting & forecasting within a single system for greater context and better decisions. Enable those who are in your approval stream to have the up-to-date data they require to adequately judge projects on their individual merits as well as in relation to overall Capex strategy. Set tolerances that trigger re-review and additional approval requirements.


Capex project ranking to enable zero-based budgeting


Converge all your active and proposed projects into a single view to make faster and smarter investment choices, particularly when economic conditions require agile decision making. Converge lets you apply “What If” analyses, and see how approving or rejecting a project or projects will impact your budget.


Must we utilize the full capabilities of Finario if just interested in Capex approval software?

The short answer is: no. There are editions of Finario available to you that are focused specifically on approval workflow. They provide you with best-in-class capabilities to automate and dynamically update your approval processes from start to finish.

When you implement Finario for approvals, you get the benefits of the Finario ONE platform — which means you can easily add functions and features to optimize your capital management as you require them.

Is there a minimum number of users for the system to be viable?

Yes — though it varies from company to company based on the volume of projects considered annually and the complexity of the business rules dictating the approval stream. You can have less than a 100 users or many thousands and Finario will be perfectly suited to digitally transform your workflow.

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