The Strategic Capital Allocation Commitment:

Aligning capital availability
with strategic opportunity to drive long-term value

Nothing is more important to the health and performance of a company than the way it manages capital. Core to this: strategic discipline – regardless of the size of a project or its timeline. It's why companies should have a "strategic capital allocation commitment" like this.

We commit to ...

Taking a long-run view to increase corporate growth and profitability v. short-term hyper-focus on Wall Street analysts

Ensuring that capital can flow from "mature" portions of the business to "emerging" opportunities with higher potential

Having an "activist" philosophy for both multi-year planning and re-deployment of capital to optimize assets across business units and enable agile in-fiscal-year adjustments

Adapting a forward-looking investment mindset that puts ROI front and center as the primary metric for material projects v. backward-looking "accounting expense mentality"

Accepting that the job of strategic capital allocation, like competition in the marketplace itself, is never done; it requires commitment, collaboration and an eye on the prize: creating long-term value

Acknowledging that there are no shortcuts as you aim to rise through the four stages of Capex development: process automation, project insight and financial context; at its "peak" is strategic capital allocation

Leaders today need to master a new skill: capital allocation.


A mindset that every dollar spent is in pursuit of a desirable strategic outcome.


A mindset that you’ve been allocated money that must be spent for fear of “losing it” next time.


Having the resources and discipline to allocate and manage capital based on current conditions, opportunities and real-time data.


Allocating and managing based purely on fiscal year budgeting and scheduled/quarterly forecasts and reporting.


Budgets, forecasts and ROI models based on unbiased analysis and historical data.


Budgets, forecasts and ROI models based on assumptions and “gold-plate” optimism.


Budgeting and approval of projects that are in support of greater portfolio objectives and strategies.


Budgeting and approval of projects that are considered in isolation under the steady stampede of requests and priorities.

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