Add full-lifecycle Capex management to your SAP implementation

Gain deep capital project investment insights, build better budgets, improve cash flow forecasting and more.

SAP Financial Mission Control Center

Finario complements SAP S/4HANA and other SAP software as part of an end-to-end offering, including the traditional manual processes that are performed by finance and accounting connected with Capex outside the ERP, often in spreadsheets.

SAP customers depend on Finario’s capital expenditure solution to modernize their traditional manual processes  complementing and extending the value of SAP by integrating, orchestrating and automating end-to-end processes.  It provides the forward looking planning & forecasting capabilities and scenario analysis modeling tools essential for maximizing the value of your capital investment program.

Enhance Scale & Resilience for FP&A

Finario’s cloud solutions for capital budgeting, Capex request approval and actuals tracking & forecasting help companies automate, standardize and streamline spreadsheet-heavy manual processes across your SAP ERP and enterprise  system landscape.

Connect your SAP ERP transaction system of record to your Capex management processes to strengthen controls, reduce risk and improve decision making.



See how SAP customer LP, a leading building materials manufactuer with over $2B in annual revenue, looked to improve its Capex management after establishing that its current system, dubbed “SneakerNet,” was insufficient to meet the companies goals. Discover how Finario helped LP transform its approach “to meet a higher performance standard.”

Align Capacity to Strategic Initiatives

While your SAP ERP environment focuses on maintaining financial records, Finario centralizes and automates your capital planning and financial forecasting processes from long-term portfolio planning through the post-completion review of material projects.

Free your team from manually extracting data, and synchronizing, creating and managing Capex activity with inefficient and insecure spreadsheets, shared folders and emails. Finario connects directly with your SAP transaction system of record to streamline and automate your management and reporting processes so that everything is maintained in one planning system of record.

Unify & Orchestrate Financial Processes

Seamlessly integrate Finario with your SAP environment to enable users to automate manual steps, add control, increase transparency of vital financial data and optimize critical decisions.

With multiple integration approaches and industry-leading security, Finario and SAP can be connected rapidly with minimal IT support, enabling your organization to dedicate their resources to business- critical finance transformation.

Establish a No-Regrets Foundation for Modern Capex Management

Finario’s project and finance specialists will assess your process and develop a successful onboarding plan to meet the short- and long-term goals of your business.  With an achievable roadmap for identifying and prioritizing your capacity bottlenecks, you can free up valuable capacity and refocus on what matters the most.

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Topics Include:

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  • Features and benefits for finance, operations, procurement and others
  • Incorporating actuals into forecasts
  • Enabling post-completion reviews

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