Effective Capex strategy
starts with superior Capex software.

For every Capex phase, any use case, and all capital-sensitive industries:
see why Finario is the capital planning solution finance leaders trust most.

Make faster decisions.

Are your managers armed with the operational intelligence they need to make the best decisions? Do they have complete confidence in the information they do have? Having an easily accessible and real-time view of your progress, all the way from an individual project to the entire portfolio, is essential to moving faster and seizing the right opportunities in today’s fast-paced global economy. 

  • In-depth project portfolio analysis
  • Rapid, two-click investment approval
  • Converge™ “forward-looking decision radar”
  • Intelligent project status dashboards
  • …and much more.

Drive higher productivity.

Today, organizations find themselves burdened by inefficient, overly manual Capex request & approval processes, or by poorly performing generic workflow tools that are overmatched by the complexity of Capex. To make matters worse, approval is isolated from the capital planning, budgeting and forecasting process, which is itself spread across a patchwork of spreadsheets and other systems.

  • Unified data model with automatic project cost roll up
  • Dynamic Capex request & approval workflow
  • Standardized ROI modeling across the investment life-cycle
  • On-demand custom Capex reporting
  • …and much more

Generate valuable insights.

Context is everything. A clear, definitive understanding of where you stand against budget, whether capital funds are available for a particular project, or how one capital project or portfolio compares to another across the enterprise – these are the valuable contextual insights you need in order to succeed.

  • Investment insights KPI dashboard
  • Clear view of a project’s cash flow impact & value drivers
  • Project & portfolio ROI modeling
  • Entity level ROI performance reporting
  • …and much more.

Ensure accurate reporting.

Transferring capital investment data across multiple spreadsheets and systems is inevitably error-prone and can adversely impact management decisions, resulting in ill-advised spending and missed opportunities. For public companies subject to SOX and the scrutiny of Wall Street, the cost of Capex forecasting and reporting errors can truly be devastating.

  • End-to-end capital investment data validation
  • Single source of truth for approvals & forecasting
  • Integrated project spend actuals & FX rate feeds
  • 360° view of project status & performance
  • …and much more.

Maximize your ROIC.

Strategically and effectively allocating capital is one of the most important things a company can do to drive growth. Which is why the CFO has a responsibility, not only to his or her team in FP&A, but equally to colleagues in operations, engineering, procurement and IT, to ensure that capital allocation is supported by a process and an application that was purpose built to enhance their effectiveness and results by providing the essential insights, agility and rigor to improve decision making. 

  • See the spending and ROI status of capital projects across your entire organization, or any subset, all at once
  • Link Capex planning with improved cash flow forecasting
  • Implement a more consistent and rigorous ROI modeling process and reporting infrastructure
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement with full projects details and results connected to post-completion reviews
  • …and much more.

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