Capital planning solution

The capital planning solution that covers every Capex phase, from idea inception to post-completion review

Find out how Finario’s capital planning solution is helping today’s market-leading enterprises increase productivity, ensure reporting accuracy, generate valuable insights and make faster decisions across the capital investment lifecycle.


Developing a Vision for Unified Capital Planning

Are you frustrated with the amount of time it takes to manage and control capital expenditures across your organization?
Unifying the capital investment process with end-to-end Capex software can save time, ensure integrity of your
financial data and enable faster Capex decision making.

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Drive higher productivity.

Today, organizations find themselves burdened by inefficient, overly manual Capex request & approval processes, or by poorly performing generic workflow tools that are overmatched by the complexity of Capex. To make matters worse, approval is isolated from the capital planning, budgeting and forecasting process, which is itself spread across a patchwork of spreadsheets and other systems.


  • Unified data model with automatic project cost roll up
  • Dynamic Capex request & approval workflow
  • Standardized ROI modeling across the investment life-cycle
  • On-demand custom Capex reporting
  • …and much more.
Finario's Capex software helps Ansell transform capital planning

Historically, Ansell operated a rigid tracking system that limited Capex reporting and analysis, making it hard to move swiftly and take advantage of attractive investment opportunities.

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Finario's Capex software helps EnPro transform its capital program

Prior to Finario, EnPro struggled with a decentralized Capex management process that was manually-driven and cumbersome, leading to project approval delays, overspending and more.

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Ensure accurate reporting.

Transferring capital investment data across multiple spreadsheets and systems is inevitably error-prone and can adversely impact management decisions, resulting in ill-advised spending and missed opportunities. For public companies subject to SOX and the scrutiny of Wall Street, the cost of Capex forecasting and reporting errors can truly be devastating.


  • End-to-end capital investment data validation
  • Single source of truth for approvals & forecasting
  • Integrated project spend actuals & FX rate feeds
  • 360° view of project status & performance
  • …and much more.
Finario's Capex software helps Amway unify capital planning

Amway once relied on a vast array of disparate systems and methods for managing its capital investments, and found it routinely difficult to report on Capex performance with a high degree of confidence.

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Finario's Capex software helps AZR strengthen project cost control

American Zinc Recycling’s out-dated Capex management process left the company with little visibility into where it stood against its capital budget, prohibiting it from executing proper cost control.

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Generate valuable insights.

Context is everything. A clear, definitive understanding of where you stand against budget, whether capital funds are available for a particular project, or how one capital project or portfolio compares to another across the enterprise – these are the valuable contextual insights you need in order to succeed.


  • Investment insights KPI dashboard
  • Clear view of a project’s cash flow impact & value drivers
  • Project & portfolio ROI modeling
  • Entity level ROI performance reporting
  • …and much more.
Finario's Capex software helps Watco gain control of maintenance Capex

In recent years, Watco has experienced rapid growth through acquisition, requiring the company to re-examine how and where it’s spending its expanding capital budget.

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Finario's Capex software helps Hoffmaster push its capital program forward

With Finario, Hoffmaster is finding new ways to slice and dice its capital project data to generate powerful insights and make more informed capital investment decisions.

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Make faster decisions.

Are your managers armed with the operational intelligence they need to make the best decisions? Do they have complete confidence in the information they do have? Having an easily accessible and real-time view of your progress, all the way from an individual project to the entire portfolio, is essential to moving faster and seizing the right opportunities in today’s fast-paced global economy.


  • In-depth project portfolio analysis
  • Rapid, two-click investment approval
  • Converge™ “forward-looking decision radar”
  • Intelligent project status dashboards
  • …and much more.
Finario's Capex software helps Cement Australia improve capital allocation

Prior to Finario, Cement Australia found it difficult to get a shared understanding at the business level of where projects stood and how Capex requests could be driven forward.

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Finario's Capex software helps SunMed with growing capital budget

With a growing capital budget and manual process for managing Capex, Sunrise Medical found itself in need of a new tool that could help them put their newly available capital to the best possible use.

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The Foundations of Effective Capital Planning

The essential foundation for any effort to improve capital planning is to unify the capital investment process from end-to-end. In order to provide the right data and analysis to optimize your overall capital program, however, there are several key capabilities within each phase that are necessary to manage that phase efficiently.

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