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We view every Capex project for what it truly is: an investment.

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There have been, and still are, other software products that touch upon Capex.

But “touching upon” something as important as your capital investments is simply not sufficient when the business environment is changing so dramatically, and often … when  your financial transparency, accuracy, and credibility are being tested all the time … when your competition is relentless.

In 2011, Finario embarked on a mission to create the only full life cycle, cloud-based enterprise capital planning software solution. Today, with users in more than 65 countries and across 28 industries, it quite literally has no equal.

Many of the world’s leading enterprises have deployed Finario to replace an inefficient patchwork of Capex spreadsheets and custom-point solutions, enabling them to drive higher productivity, improve reporting accuracy, generate valuable project & portfolio insights and accelerate Capex decision making.

Some purported “Capex solutions” are nothing more than form builders with workflow and rudimentary reporting. They can’t provide the depth of project-specific detail required for effective Capex decision making or provide a single source of truth across the investment lifecycle.

Most project-based applications, however, are focused on task and resource management. They have insufficient workflow functionality to effectively manage Capex governance, and lack the underlying financial architecture and intelligence for effective enterprise-wide capital planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting.

The corporate performance management solutions in turn, which excel at planning and forecasting Opex, lack both the project-centric architecture and robust workflow engine required to deliver a complete capital planning and management solution.

Finario delivers a single, no-compromises solution. Purpose-built for Capex, it’s been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of finance professionals who demand agility, accuracy and insight … and supports those in the field tasked with recommending and managing projects to completion, on time and on budget.

Finario is the first and only Capex solution built on the premise that you are not just spending money, but rather investing in the future of your organization. ROI modeling, risk assessments and every analytical tool you need are all here, woven together seamlessly across all phases of individual projects as well as for enterprise-wide financial planning.

Whether you’re a senior leader in finance, engineering, IT or procurement, your ability to be effective at your job starts with quality information:

Can you evaluate and compare projects with clarity? Do you know at any time what capital has been spent and what remains for individual projects and across your portfolio? Can you perform post-completion reviews to create a culture of continuous learning?

Knowledge is power. With Finario, your organization is empowered to perform.


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With ever-changing business and capital market conditions, many companies are striving to speed up decision making and increase forecast frequency and accuracy. With Finario’s enterprise capital planning software, enterprises can gain total portfolio visibility and proactively achieve their objectives.

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Rewarding Your Trust

As former finance executives ourselves, we understand the importance of having the utmost confidence in the tools you use and the companies you partner with. We take that trust very seriously, and attribute our steady organic growth to consistently delivering – and exceeding – expectations.

The Capex Authority

Because Capex is all we do, Finario aims to be the standard-bearer for all things related to capital planning, managing and reporting. It’s evident in our commitment to thought leadership, research, and engagement within the finance community.

Keeping You A Step Ahead

Technologies advance. Requirements change. The demands of your job evolve. Coud-based, Finario is continuously improving — adding new cutting-edge features and capabilities to keep your organization current with the best capital planning solution available anywhere.

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    • Improving cash flow forecasting
    • Enabling post-completion reviews (audits)

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