The Premier Capex Software for Food & Beverage Companies That Love the Taste of Growth

There’s a lot on your plate: Keeping up with changing tastes. Unpredictable demand. Concerns and enthusiasm for sustainability. And those are but a few for those managing Capex in the food & beverage industry..

Whether you’re expanding your manufacturing footprint to meet increasing demand, looking to onshore capabilities to mitigate supply chain challenges, or investing in innovation to cater to your customers’ appetite for something new, managing your Capex effectively, and monitoring performance more closely, has never been more urgent.

And, when Capex approvals /workflows are mired in spreadsheets or outdated systems, it can only mean one thing: wasted time, lost opportunity, and a higher risk of error.

So say hello to Finario. The most trusted cloud-based Capex software for food and beverage companies. 


your Capex approval process for consistency, time-savings and agile decision-making


time spent reconciling Capex data between multiple systems


quickly with dynamically updated data across your project portfolio


with strategic capital allocation, and fewer cost overruns / misallocated projects

Let’s Get Going

Whether you’re looking to automate complex approval flows, streamline your budgeting process, or implement a unified capital planning framework, there’s a Finario solution that will meet your needs now … and well into the future.

To get a first-hand look at how Finario can automate and integrate your Capex management, speak to one of our advisors and request a demo. It’s risk-free, hassle-free, and an enlightening way to explore the possibilities.

See What’s Baked
into Your Data

When your data sits in spreadsheets, it’s like being built on a foundation that is unable to bear significant weight.

Better decision making — from calculating return on investment projections to having a holistic view of where projects stand and what’s in the queue — starts with timely, updated data.

Which is why leading food and beverage companies are embracing digital transformation.

And why, if your organization is serious about Capex, Finario belongs in its finance technology “stack.” 

Link to your procurement and/or ERP system and have project-level actuals on demand. Report with accuracy and credibility. Develop a culture of continuous improvement.

With Finario “we’re able to react quicker and people are a lot more positive about the process as a whole.”

— Director of FP&A, Wayne Farms

Attend our free public demo.

It’s the fastest, easiest way to get to know Finario

If Capex is important to your organization, this may be the best 30 minutes you spend in a long time.

Topics Include:

  • Empowering agile decision making
  • Streamlining your approval workflow
  • Features and benefits for finance, operations, procurement and others
  • Incorporating actuals into forecasts
  • Enabling post-completion reviews

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