Office of the COO

Emphasize accuracy. Capitalize on insight. Operate with excellence.

Resilience starts with better decision-making data.

Whether it’s a capacity expansion project, adding robotics to help contend with labor shortages, or an acquisition to onshore essential components, how you choose, forecast, manage and report those capital investments is critical. The best way to do that is to have a connected capital planning framework at your organization that enables you to synchronize your Capex, Opex, procurement, construction spend and other financials. Finario does just that.

Operations is about process. Here’s how to improve it.

A better process is not just one that is streamlined. It’s one that has standardized and robust inputs that enable decision makers to  better compare and contrast their alternatives, and more confidently put their personal capital on the line when they approve a budget and individual projects. That confidence is further emboldened when forecasts are accurate and accessible in real time. That’s exactly what Finario brings to your organization.

When teams collaborate, great things happen

The days of the siloed organization should be over. Business is simply too complex and moving too fast to have your data “walled in,” thus limiting its reach and impact. With its open API, specialized connectors and robust support, Finario gives organizations the ability to create a truly synchronized and powerful single source of truth serving every team within the CFO’s office and beyond.