Capital projects build enterprise value.
Leaders in operations & engineering make the choices that count.

Capex decisions can be complex.  Get the data and insight to cut through the fog.

Leaders in operations play a critical role in selecting which capital projects to fund to optimize the organization’s asset base and maximize its long-term revenue growth and profitability.

These capital allocation decisions are inherently strategic, but optimizing a capital project portfolio  effectively across a large enterprise is challenging.

Finario provides a powerful front-end project planning and strategy solution, easy integration to your ERP for automated actuals reporting, improved forecast accuracy and the confidence to readily re-deploy capital as challenges and opportunities arise throughout the year.

Project Pipeline

 By capturing all your project opportunities in a single planning environment, Finario makes it possible to analyze and shape your capital program across time (e.g. 5-yr, 3-yr, AOP, next quarter, today) and from top to bottom (e.g. portfolio, budget, project, cost, invoice) with unprecedented ease and clarity.

Strategic Alignment

 By demonstrating how individual projects contribute to the organization's growth, competitiveness, or efficiency – including cogent ROI and risk models – the case for funding can be understood in their proper context and easily shared across the enterprise.

ROI & Financial Viability

 As material projects go through budgeting and approval phases, having a realistic projection of ROI is essential. Consistent and accurate project models and ROI metrics help ensure that you do.

Risk Assessment

 Thoroughly analyzing the risks associated with material Capex projects, including financial, operational, and market risks, helps mitigate damage while informing contingency plans.

Resource Allocation

 You know how important Capex is, but the reality is that you’re competing for funding with other enterprise needs such as marketing, staffing, dividends and buybacks. Demonstrating strategic value and ROI provides a distinct advantage.

Scalability & Flexibility

 Decisions are aided by assessing the scalability and flexibility of the project. How can it be adapted to changing market conditions, technological advancements, and future expansion plans? Including this in your rationale is pivotal.

Sustainability / Environmental Impact

 As ESG considerations rise in importance, considering the environmental impact of Capex projects is essential. That's why Finario makes it easy to bring ESG into your capital project review process..

Reduce Process Burden

 Eliminating “friction” with the finance department and other stakeholder groups ensures that these decision makers can focus on the benefits of your proposed program rather than the process minutiae.

Lifecycle Costs

 Look beyond initial investment costs and consider the entire lifecycle of the project, including maintenance, operating costs, and potential future upgrades or expansions to ensure your proposals are ironclad.

Post-Completion Review

 Plan for project look-backs to compare actual outcomes against projected benefits and review of lessons learned to create a culture of continuous improvement.

When teams collaborate, great things happen

The days of the siloed organization should be over. Business is simply too complex and moving too fast to have your data “walled in,” thus limiting its reach and impact. With its open API, specialized connectors and robust support, Finario gives organizations the ability to create a truly synchronized and powerful single source of truth serving every team within the COO’s office and beyond.