Unifying the how, what, when, where and why of successful Capex management.

Have trust in your data. Then unleash its power across your organization. With Capex management software from Finario.

It’s hard to fully trust the data that you collect, analyze and report on when it has come from multiple, fragmented sources, and has had manual interventions. Moving to a single source of truth with Finario Capex management software changes all that. Report with confidence and decide with clarity.




“71% of C-level executives completely trust the accuracy of their financial data. However, only 38% of finance professionals — the people preparing the statements and reports — share that opinion.”

— CFO Magazine, Numbers Don’t Lie, Until They Do, 2019

Looking Back: Gain greater clarity into
investment performance.

Finario Capex management software is project-centric, which means it provides infinitely more detail that enables you to answer the question, “Why are we doing that?”

Drill-down into individual projects and sub-projects for essential details that are up-to-date

Assess project status in real-time with dynamically updated forecasts

Know quickly what projects are on the horizon and how much capital you have

Evaluate key performance indicators with a single source of context: what’s happened and what’s coming, over time

Correlate project outcomes to future initiatives with all project documentation stored digitally

Looking Forward: Better visibility into possibilities.

Finario Capex management software provides a more effective way to manage your capital investment program:

Optimize project selection across all potential investments from all organizations or create a series of focused portfolios based on investment category, strategic alignment or any combination of dimensions

Compare two portfolios along multiple dimensions such as total cost, timing of cash flows or composition of spend

Create new portfolios every year or manage a series of overlapping multi-year portfolios or programs

Budget your final optimal portfolio plan with a single click

Use waterfall view to reconcile plan to budget and forecast numbers, providing further insight into how the authorized spend for your organization is compiled


Assess and compare  critical data providing insight into strategic value, ROI and other investment criteria to make informed decisions. This includes the application of sophisticated data modeling and “what if” scenarios to compare and contrast alternatives.
Plan: Finario’s flexible portfolio planning makes it easy to perform what if analyses to help you optimize projects for ROI, cost, risk or other criteria. Compare projects individually, or as part of portfolios using the criteria you choose.
Budget: Roll-up capital budgets from multiple locations/business units to get the big-picture view you need to make more informed decisions. Track investment performance against plan.
Forecast: Have critical insight into investment performance by location, category, project type, etc. Analyze variances between estimated and actual spend. Opt for having the system automatically apply payments to matching costs and have investment forecasts updated every 24 hours.

With Finario, “executive leadership has all the information it needs for higher value investments right at their fingertips.”

— Operations Controller, Hoffmaster Consumer Products


Do we have to go 'all in' on a single source of truth to implement it correctly?

No. While there are obvious benefits to fully implementing all aspects of your capital investment life cycle into the system at once, many organizations choose to take a phased approach based on prevailing priorities, their digital transformation road map, technology considerations, etc.

Annotated from Forbes:

When [multiple tools are] spitting out different numbers it can be hard to know which numbers to rely on. Often differences can come down to whenwhere and how the data is collected. The terms “single version of truth” and “single source of truth” are often used interchangeably in analytics and business intelligence conversations.

Single source of truth: A data storage principle to always source a particular piece of information from one place, to enable a single version of truth where there is one view of data that everyone in a company agrees is the real, trusted number.

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