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Essential Components of a Unified Capital Planning Framework

This briefing provides the essential components of a Unified Capital Planning Solution framework — so that you can establish a single source of truth at your organization.

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12 Foundations of Effective Capital Planning

Discover the seven investment-level functions and five portfolio-level functions that are core to a unified capital planning management system.

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Avoid These Pitfalls of a Custom Capex Solution

Before you make the ill-fated decision to invest in building a custom, in-house solution for Capex, consider these common problems and potentials for undesired outcomes.

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How to Augment Your ERP for Improved Capital Investment Planning

See why most ERP systems on their own aren’t up to the task of strategic Capex management … and how you can remedy the situation.

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Why Making the Most of Your Capex Budget Should be a Priority

With concerns of liquidity and access to capital escalating, Capex allocation has become an area of increased strategic focus for CFOs. Here are some essential data points to consider in evaluating your approach to capital management.

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Exploring the Benefits of a Streamlined Capex Planning and Budgeting Process

Here’s valuable insight into why streamlining Capex planning and budgeting can improve decision making and optimize return on investments, and why real-time project data v. manual compilation is important.

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Beyond Workflow: Custom Solution v. Capex Software Solution

Most workflow tools cannot adequately manage the complexity of the capital investment lifecycle – including costs, benefits, risks, timing and other essential factors. See how a purpose-built Capex solution compares to a generic workflow tool.

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Key Elements of an Effective Capex Approval Process

Approving capital projects that will deliver the greatest return is critical to meeting your organization’s strategic objectives and providing value. Consider these factors in measuring project effectiveness, determining risk, and keeping projects on track.

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Five Essential Factors in Evaluating and Managing Capital Project Risk

Assessing risk is a critical factor when choosing between competing investments. Here are five risk categories to consider as well as an approach to adopting a mitigation strategy.

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How to Overcome Capital Project Evaluation Challenges Utilizing Cost-Benefit Analysis

Discover how performing a detailed cost-benefit analysis can help overcome Capex planning and analysis challenges.

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How to Optimize Capital Project Forecasting

This briefing demonstrates the importance of tracking investment performance, setting cost tracking objectives and best practices for optimizing forecasting.


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4 Best Practices for Implementing an Effective Capex Sourcing Strategy

Companies with high-performing Capex have established effective strategic sourcing and supply-chain management techniques. Review the four best practices that make this possible.

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8 Advantages of Capex Management in the Cloud vs. Spreadsheets

Here are eight prominent advantages of utilizing capital planning software in the cloud versus spreadsheets. See how upgrading your Capex system can eliminate many risks and inefficiencies, while also driving growth.

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Capex Management: 12 Advantages of a Cloud-Based Capex Software Solution vs. Sharepoint

Manual request and approval workflow processes are becoming obsolete for managing capital projects. See 12 reasons your competitors are switching to the cloud.

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Establishing a Culture of Continuous Capex Improvement to Optimize the Performance of Capital Investments

Identify a set of best practices that can be used consistently to improve and optimize Capex that will be helpful in getting this process right for your organization.

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Capex Request Automation: Project-Centric vs. Process-Centric

Process-Centric and project-centric Capex systems differ in their capabillities and benefits. Here’s why the project-centric model is a more effective approach, and the benefits of a single source of truth.

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How to Make Your Capex Transformation a Reality

Companies seeking to improve Capex management often do so in phases. Find out how to structure your approach and the ways in which Finario can help you make a smooth transition.

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Finario Technology Infrastructure and Security Overview

Learn about Finario’s dedication to data safety and integrity in this briefing, which provides an overview of  technology infrastructure, application design and security protocols.

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