Capital Project Portfolio Strategy

Strategic capital allocation starts here.
Transform enterprise project prioritization today.

Long-Term Strategy

Align investment with strategy. Compare alternative project portfolio scenarios and model their impact on consolidated corporate cash flow. Optimize your asset base and drive revenue growth and higher profitability.


ROI Modeling

Simplify and standardize the modeling of financial benefits and ROI across business units and project types to ensure apples-to-apples comparisons and evaluation. Leverage projection drivers to scale ROI analysis for material projects across your enterprise.

Risk Management

Standardize risk scoring and confidently prioritize projects with a clear understanding of the risk-reward profile of your proposed portfolio. Develop and monitor risk mitigations and operational performance.


Stage Gates

Manage the development and approval of complex projects using your stage gate process. Finario provides unparalleled control of costs, project data and management authorizations from start to finish.


“Finario’s portfolios functionality provides us with strategic value in terms of improved planning. We’re particularly excited to utilize this as we continue to build out our projects across business units in the system because it will help us optimize our investment mix and grow as an organization.”

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