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How likely is it that you’ll stop what you’re doing at any point in the day and think to yourself: Wow, our current Capex approval workflow process (or CER/AFE process) is really great.

For most organizations with meaningful Capex budgets, it’s quite the opposite: it’s the source of frustration, concern, even anger.

It takes too long, wastes too many hours, and – perhaps most importantly – leads to budgeting decisions that could be a lot better, or opportunities missed.

In this session, we’ll look at 10 ways a true, purpose-built Capex approvals system will get you thinking wow, our current process is really great. Topics include:

  • The benefits of dynamic routing and rerouting
  • Ensuring that ROI and risk criteria are uniformly considered across project proposals
  • Having an approval “archive” for a reliable audit trail and valuable repository of knowledge for future projects

So join us, and see for yourself the power of “AHA” and what it can do for your organization.

Past Webinars

10 AHA Moments You'll Experience with a Purpose-Built Capex Approval System

In this session we look at 10 ways you can improve your Capex approval workflow, including the benefits of dynamic routing, ensuring that ROI and risk criteria are uniformly applied, and automated reminders.

Challenges & Opportunities for Capital Planning in the Utilities Sector

In this session, we explore some of the trends impacting the utilities industry and how it must evolve its capital planning (Capex) strategies to prosper, along with some of the tools that help make sound decisions.

AI: A Primer For Leaders In Corporate Finance

AI is capturing headlines, but do you really know what it can mean for your business in general, and finance function in particular … how it works … and, perhaps most importantly, what it takes for your AI to be trustworthy?

Watch this webinar to find out.

Eliminating Bias in Capital Budgeting and Forecasting

Forecast Accuracy Starts with a Bias-Free Assessment Behavioral economists often talk of “the planning fallacy” – the phenomenon in which people assume best case scenarios. Understand the role bias plays in budgeting and forecasting during this webinar replay.

Strategic Capital Allocation and its Impact on Cash Flow Confidence

Learn how manufacturing companies can gain greater control over their forecasts and future. In this session, experts on the manufacturing category from leading global consulting firm Protiviti will provide an overview of current issues and trends.

Zero-Based Budgeting & Capital Planning: Best Practices from the Front Lines

Gain valuable insight from an industry leader in how to strategically implement zero-based budgeting at your enterprise, and why Capex is the perfect place to start. See a digital transformation roadmap.

Closing The Capex Gap With Effective Integration

It’s time to connect your Capex data to other essential systems. Capital planning & management in spreadsheets or generic workflow systems are rife with risk. Wasted labor hours. A propensity for errors. A lack of visibility across projects and portfolios. An inability to make sound decisions.

ESG + The Capex Connection

Your annual report and website put your commitment to ESG front and center. Internally, leadership is championing its importance. Ultimately, however, it’s where you’re putting your capital investment dollars that speak loudest. It’s why we’ve created an entire session on the topic.

Capex Post-Completion Reviews: Why You Should Be Doing Them and How

Capex post-completion reviews (audits) are fundamental to capital investment best practices. Would you ever invest millions of your own money on something and not check back to assess how you did, and learn from what went right … and what didn’t?

Evaluating Capital Projects During Economic Downturns

During this time of uncertainty, many finance execs are being asked to make hard choices about their capital projects for the remainder of the year. In this webinar, we provide guidelines for evaluating which capital projects to cut, postpone, and continue.

FP&A’s Role in Capital Planning: Getting Beyond the “Traditional”

Gain best practices and valuable insight from three industry leaders in how to modernize your capital planning, allocation and management to lower costs and drive growth.

Chasing Fire: connecting foresight to strategy in exponential times

This session, featuring one of the leading technology forecasters and futurists Paul Saffo, will be sure to intrigue, inspire and influence you as you look ahead to next year and beyond.

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