Capital project software for driving better Capex decisions.

Purpose-built for capital planning, Finario provides the project depth
and financial intelligence necessary for investment success.


When it comes to your data security, there’s simply no room for compromise.

That’s why Finario is audited and certified by an independent AICPA auditor pursuant to the SOC standard. SOC 2 reports are the gold standard. Trust nothing less.

Other security measures include:

  • Intelligent threat detection and continuous monitoring to ensure any unauthorized behavior is addressed in real-time.
  • Encryption of all customer data, whether in motion or at rest.
  • Flexible control over each user’s access to project information.


As a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), Finario provides the modern enterprise with significant advantages:

    • Implement throughout your organization faster, without significant assistance from IT.
    • Onboard teams quickly for speed to value, increased compliance and better governance.
    • Business users can act as admins and easily make adjustments to approval routes or other account settings.
    • Benefit from continuous updates to the application with new and valuable features to stay ahead of the curve.

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Runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader in infrastructure resources.

AWS is an on-demand cloud-computing platform trusted worldwide to ensure stability, security and robust performance. Its state-of-the-art technology contributes to Finario’s 99.99% uptime – enabling your team to stay productive and up-to-date on the latest Capex activity.



You want a software solution that can grow with you. It’s not just about adding users … it’s about adding the capabilities you need over time.

Many customers start with robust capabilities from the get-go for planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Others start with approval automation as a first step then “graduate” to more comprehensive capital planning capabilities over time. Either way, Finario has you covered.

Flexibility: Finario’s enterprise capital planning technology has been built from the ground up to serve the needs of the global enterprise. Quickly and easily add users as required.

Single sign-on: Setup single sign-on for your user base using our SAML integration to leading industry IAM platforms such as Okta and AzureAD.

Best-in-class Customer support: Our customer success team will help you implement your solution quickly, provide comprehensive training, and is available for ongoing assistance when you need it.


Today’s leaders in finance need the data, insights, agility, and accuracy to play an increasingly more strategic role in their organization. Finario delivers.

If you  take your capital investments seriously, you shouldn’t be relying on spreadsheets, or lightweight “Capex solutions” that are incapable of managing and optimizing the entirety of the capital planning life-cycle.
That’s why Finario should be an essential component of your “finance stack” – seamlessly integrating with other technologies implemented throughout your organization to provide a single source of truth.

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Finario is the first purpose-built capital planning solution. Built from the ground up to optimize every phase of the capital investment life cycle, Finario was imbued with Financial Intelligence from inception.

This foundation of established finance logic, functions, and hierarchies, gives Finario the analytical capabilities to perform required calculations, currency conversions, and modeling with dynamic precision.

Incorporated into a single solution combining planning, budgeting, approval and forecasting, you gain the confidence of accurate reporting, transparency, and regulatory compliance. Data is presented in proper context, enabling more actionable insights. This includes the ability to create “what-if” scenarios, and evaluate multiple portfolio constructs to optimize results.



See how LP, a leading building materials manufactuer with over $2B in annual revenue, looked to improve its Capex management after establishing that its current system, dubbed “SneakerNet,” was insufficient to meet the companies goals. Discover how Finario helped LP transform its approach “to meet a higher performance standard.”

Project-Based Architecture for True Capex Management

Built from the ground-up to meet the capital planning and management needs of finance, engineering, operations and IT, Finario provides the project-centric architecture, dynamic workflow engine and financial intelligence required for effective Capex decision making and reporting.