Finario Case Studies


How Industry-Leading Metals & Environmental Services Provider, AZR, Vastly Improved its Capex Costs with Finario

Industry: Mining, Metals & Minerals

Here’s how AZR, the largest Zinc producer in the U.S. with more than $200M in Capex, gained control of its Capex costs and enabled more frequent and accurate forecasts to fully optimize its project portfolio and gain “complete visibility” into all its projects.

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Finario Helps Amway Overcome Long-Standing Capex Management Challenges

Industry: Consumer Products

Here’s how global consumer products manufacturer and distributor Amway came to realize that its disparate systems and unreliable project data were having a material impact on Capex performance. Follow their journey to Finario, which has improved reporting, established an effective approval process, and increased visibility of its capital program.

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How a Leading Global Safety Company Enhanced its Capex Management Efficiency

Industry: Medical Products

How did personal protective equipment manufacturer, Ansell, unify its capital investment process and improve reporting? After identifying capital program concerns that could hinder growth opportunities, they moved to Finario. Here’s why.

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Capex Tipping Point: Steady Growth and an Outdated Approvals System

Industry: Energy Services

Their existing Capex system was, in the words of their CFO, “unacceptable.” See how Arctic Slope, a petroleum and energy services company with over $3.5B in annual revenue, automated its capital project approval and management process to support the steady growth of its six subsidiaries.

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For Australia’s Largest Cement Supplier, a Centralised Capex Process Paves the Way for Faster Decisions & Long-Term Portfolio Planning

Industry: Building Materials

Here’s how building materials supplier, Cement Australia, increased transparency of its Capex process and accelerated decision making. Determined to streamline capital investment management, the organization now has centralized project data and can perform comprehensive portfolio planning.

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EBOS Transforms the Efficiency of Their Capex Processes 

Industry: Healthcare Wholesale & Distribution

EBOS, a leading healthcare wholesaler and distribution company, elevated its Capex program to drive new avenues of success. See how EBOS improved their Capex processes that aided strategic decision making.

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EnPro Improves Capex Transparency & Visibility to Capture Cost Savings

Industry: Diversified Manufacturing

EnPro, a diversified global manufacturer operating in 13 countries, unified the Capex process across its 63 plants and six divisions.Here’s how it approached its selection and implementation of Finario’s Capex software.

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For Hoffmaster, Capex Approval Transformation Helps Push Capital Program Forward

Industry: Paper, Packaging & Forest Products

Learn how Hoffmaster, a disposable tabletop products manufacturer, automated its Capex request and approval process after finding itself mired in paper-based and spreadsheet systems.

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Driving Organizational Transformation, with a Focus on Capex

Industry: Industrial Minerals

Here’s how Imerys, a world leader in the production and processing of mineral-based specialties, transformed its Capex system and was able to better manage its growing portfolio of capital projects. “Finario’s automated, dynamic approval workflow was a great fit, providing the flexibility and visibility we needed to handle our organizational complexity.”

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From “SneakerNet” to Operational Excellence: How LP Put its Capex Management on Solid Footing

Industry: Building Materials

Find out how LP, a leading building materials manufacturer with over $2B in annual revenue, looked to improve its Capex management after establishing that its current system, dubbed “SneakerNet” was insufficient. See how Finario helped them transform their approach “to meet a higher performance standard.”

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Finario Enables Faster Capex Decision Making for this Global Medical Products Manufacturer

Industry: Medical Products

Discover why Sunrise Medical, a global medical products manufacturer, chose Finario to modernize its Capex management process after its steadily growing capital budget outgrew its traditionally manual system. “The ability to track actual costs against what’s been approved in Finario has been great.”

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Watco Gains Control of Maintenance Capex, Shifts Focus to Growth Projects

Industry: Transportation

See how Watco, a railroad company with over $100M in Capex, improved decision making and gained control of maintenance Capex. As a rapidly growing company, Watco needed a solution that could support its entire portfolio of capital projects.

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How a Leading Poultry Producer Raised its Capex Game

Industry: Food & Beverage

Here’s how Wayne Farms, a leading poultry producer with more than $2B in annual revenue, chose to automate and improve its Capex process after determining that its approvals system was inflexible and data tracking inadequate. “We knew we needed to do something better … Capex is just too important to our business.”

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