Finally, a solution for Capex request workflow
that practically manages itself.

Purpose-built enterprise Capex request and approval automation. Finario GO eliminates the manual intervention and painful workarounds that plague generic project workflow tools.


One truth. Great decisions.

View all related requests as part of a single investment record for a complete picture of relevant activity that might impact the decision at hand.


Get granular. Plan better.

Build out the line-item details for a proposed spend with appropriate accounting classification and timing to give everyone a clear picture of the funding request.

Workflow Automation

Less chasing. More doing.

Automate Capex workflow, from initial request submission through final approval to ensure policies are followed. Save time, reduce data errors and establish a clear audit trail.

Rules Engine

Rapid setup. Low maintenance.

Route Capex requests for approval effortlessly with a purpose-built rules engine that easily manages those complexities of Capex that commonly crash generic workflow process builders.


Enterprise scalability. Intuitive adoption.

Enjoy state-of-the-art cloud native speed and a thoroughly modern user experience to get work done promptly and painlessly.


Work together. Win together.

Facilitate inter-departmental communication, cross-function new project ideation and the spread of Capex management best practices.

Spend Analytics

Dig deeper. Spend smarter.

Analyze capital expenditure data with a powerful ad-hoc query builder that gives your team the tools they need to identify savings opportunities and emerging trends.

Process Reporting

What happened. What’s next.

Track and refine your process improvement progress and demonstrate value to stakeholders with total transparency and clear KPIs.

“Finario’s automated, dynamic approval workflow was a great fit, and it provides the flexibility and visibility we need to handle our organizational complexity,”


Standard process. Clean audit.

Enhance capital program oversight with enterprise-grade auditing and administrative functionality that ensures users’ data access conforms to corporate policy.


Easy access. Secure connection.

Setup SSO using our SAML integration to leading industry IAM platforms such as Okta and Azure AD. 

Cloud Technology

Rapid rollout. Low maintenance.

Finario’s cloud technology provides rapid deployment, outstanding performance and rock-solid reliability (>99.99% uptime). Let our software do the work.

Highest Security

Audited protection. Sound sleep.

Finario Capex software is SOC 2 certified, employing robust data encryption and intelligent threat detection. Learn how we protect your data here.

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