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Capex post-completion reviews (audits) are fundamental to capital investment best practices. Not doing them? Let us help you change that.

Would you ever invest millions of your own money on something and not check back to assess how you did, and learn from what went right ... and what didn't? 

Of course not.

Whether you do 10 Capex projects a year or 10,000, there will be those that are significant investments which required significant planning, ROI modeling, a rigorous budgeting and approval process, and -- of course -- multiple levels of execution. Conducting a review or audit is your organization's chance to create a culture of continuous learning. So join us in learning:

  • Common organizational hurdles to creating consensus around their need and purpose
  • How purpose-built software, such as Finario, automates essential tasks and "democratizes" data
  • Leveraging historical data to create objective analyses and forecasts
  • Strategies for driving compliance

Whether you are a CFO, senior leader in FP&A, business transformation specialist, engineer, or in IT, if you have oversight over capital planning and management, this event is for you.

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