Establish a culture of continuous Capex reporting & review improvement.

Create a simple, repeatable framework for the consistent evaluation and reporting on actual peformance of your material projects.

Finario’s Capex reporting automation takes the struggle out of compiling
the data you need to report on capital activity, so you can focus
more intently on analysis and driving strategic value.

Analyze. Review. Report. Repeat.


lessons learned & create a virtuous feedback loop with transparency into project performance


post-completion reviews easily on material projects incorporating actual operating results & ROI metrics.


long-term success with enhanced strategic positioning, faster revenue growth & increased profit margins.

Finario ONE: The solution for large capital projects.

With resource management, risk scoring, stage gate, and progress reporting capabilities, Finario ONE delivers a true end-to-end solution for those managing large, long-running capital projects.

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Fully optimize your capital investment program.

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Streamline the budget process and allocate capital wisely.

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Request automation & workflow, purpose-built for Capex.

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Know exactly where you stand against your capital budget.

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