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with the intelligence to connect

operations to finance costs to benefits budgets to approvals actuals to forecasts estimates to results

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You most likely have dedicated applications for Opex planning and budgeting, direct procurement and fixed assets. But what about capital investment?  Bogged down trying to compensate with disconnected spreadsheets and generic workflow tools?

Bridge the gap with Finario, an application purpose built to meet the exacting needs of corporate finance and the modern enterprise. Connect capital planning, budgeting, approvals, forecasting and reporting workstreams with all of your adjacent systems.

Purpose-built to close the Capex "gap."

The X Factor in Capex performance:
The intelligence to connect
finance and operations.

Project owners, engineers and other operations professionals must choose the most worthwhile projects and execute well to completion, be it in three months, or three years. FP&A must ensure that enterprise capital is allocated wisely, and performance measured within each fiscal year. 

But systems with sufficient project intelligence to be of use to operations lack the financial intelligence required by FP&A. While the financially intelligent systems utilized by FP&A lack the project intelligence to properly account for the realities of operations. Sound Capex decisions require a fusion of insights from both. Finario provides exactly that.

Truly autonomous
Capex request workflow automation

For many companies, slow, disjointed and inconsistent evaluation practices surrounding Capex requests have been a “tipping point” for automation. Moreover, commonly deployed generic workflow systems struggle to manage the complexity of Capex, leading to frequent manual workarounds and imposing a significant burden on IT organizations.

With Finario, it’s all systems go. Easy to implement and even easier to maintain, it’s a snap to give approvers the dynamic decision support they need to make informed choices.

Benefits for Every Stakeholder


Make better capital allocation decisions. Have more confidence in forecast accuracy.


Improve project selection and financial oversight. Minimize cost overruns and delays.


Reduce risk. Minimize maintenance effort.


Cover more spend. Leverage existing software investments. Elevate your strategic profile.

The Capex solution to meet your needs today ... and long into the future.

Whether you need a solution specifically for Capex request management or full-spectrum capital allocation, there is a Finario product that will meet your needs now, while also providing the flexibility to expand coverage as desired. Additionally, as a cloud solution from the leader in capital planning software, your ongoing updates will keep you at the forefront of Capex best practices.

Finario's cloud-based capital planning software is trusted by leading companies globally

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Becoming a champion for Capex automation is easy. Gaining consensus in a matrix organization, however, can often be complex. Here are three things you can do to get a head start:

Reliable. Secure. Easy to use.

99.9% UPTIME
Optimum operational performance
for ensured availability.

The highest level of security to protect the interests of your organization.

Seamlessly integrate with Coupa, SAP, Oracle and other enterprise systems.

Take a Deeper Dive


Whether you consider 50 capital projects a year, 500 or 5,000, there are myriad factors to evaluate in determining which deserve to be budgeted, and why. You want to consider projects individually and holistically to ensure the right balance of sustaining competitiveness while best positioning the company for growth. And looking ahead, you want to ensure that essential data for every project “travels” with it through the budgeting, approval, forecasting and reporting cycles.

Capital planning software automates and streamlines critical Capex processes, and enables finance leaders to assess and consistently compare each project’s strategic value, ROI and other investment criteria to make informed decisions. It’s why an enterprise capital planning solution like Finario is such an important component of the modern finance tech stack.

EPM, with its focus on departmental budgeting, treats capital projects as merely a line item. Total project cost, or total cost by month and associated depreciation. While, yes, there is some simple workflow, it’s rarely enough for the typical complexity of a Capex approval process in a large enterprise.

Finario is built around projects (called “investments” within the application). A large investment can contain dozens of costs, each with their own month-by-month cash flow along with a written rationale, ROI model, file storage and other capabilities enabling analysis and management of the project. The template is flexible to allow as much information as necessary on large or strategic investments, or the bare minimum for small routine expenditures. And each investment’s cost detail is automatically consolidated into a multitude of budgeting and forecasting reports by entity and fiscal year – giving FP&A professionals exactly the information they need.

Finario also tracks each investment’s progress as a project against its budgeting and approved project goals, which may span multiple fiscal periods. This data is automatically rolled up into a bevy of reports and tools that give operations and procurement executives the information they need to manage projects ingelligently and optimize the overall project portfolio.

So, while an EPM and an “EPM for Capex”  such as Finario offer budgeting and forecasting functionality, the focus and depth of information is very different. Which is why any business with meaningful Capex will need an Capex-centric solution in addition to an EPM.

Historically, many organizations have turned to custom applications to manage their workflow, often created using a generic platform such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft SharePoint as the base. For many, the process of creating this system is long, fraught with challenges and quite difficult to revise as needs change. They are difficult to use, and processes operate in “silos.” Moreover, they continue to rely on spreadsheets, which have a high probability of containing errors.

Finario is purpose-built for Capex and can be implemented quickly, without any custom code. Project-level data is updated dynamically, and its sophisticated analytics engine offers real-time reporting from start to finish across the capital investment life cycle. Other benefits include: Fast and easy conversion of costs from local currencies to a base currency; access on mobile devices; advanced security; and, continuous updates.

With a host of other features and capabilities, it’s easy to see how Finario is far more than a workflow tool.

A project budget is simply the total funding that has been approved to complete a specific capital project, independent of time frame. A capital budget is the total funding an organization has set aside in one fiscal year to fund all of the expenses occurring on approved projects during that fiscal year. As an example, the difference can be seen clearly in a particular expenditure within a project that was expected to occur in October of FY 2021 that is delayed to March of FY 2022. There is no change to the project budget but there is a positive variance for the FY 2021 capital budget as well as the need to allocate funds from the FY 2022 capital budget to complete the project.

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