Fully optimize your capital investment program.

Finario’s capital expenditure software gives you the power to create focused portfolios based on multiple dimensions.

Finario’s flexible portfolio planning makes it easy to build, compare and
choose the best capital project portfolios whether you want to
optimize for ROI, Cost, Risk or all of the above.

Capital project portfolio potential. Achieved.


the most attractive investment opportunities & organize long-term capital plans.


each portfolio based on ROI, financial & other investment criteria.


faster by deploying capital more effectively.

Leverage capital project portfolio planning with Finario ONE.

Finario ONE gives you the ability to construct, compare and combine multiple capital project portfolio scenarios to optimize your capital investment program.

Explore the rest of Finario’s unified capital planning suite.


Streamline the budget process and allocate capital wisely.

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Request automation & workflow, purpose-built for Capex.

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Know exactly where you stand against your capital budget.

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Establish a culture of continuous Capex improvement.

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