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It's time to connect your Capex data to other essential systems. Here's why ... and how.

Capital planning and management in spreadsheets or generic workflow systems are rife with risk. Wasted labor hours. A propensity for errors. A lack of visibility across projects and portfolios. An inability to make sound decisions quickly.

We call this the "Capex gap."

If you have a meaningful capital budget, you know that Capex projects can be complex and can't be effectively managed in a single line item on a spreadsheet. Moreover, without real-time forecasting across projects, you can't reliably know how your Capex budget stands against budget.

In this webinar we'll provide a succinct overview of the benefits, architecture, and considerations you should be aware of, including:

- Assigning roles for connecting finance to operations
- Advantages of pulling actuals from your ERP into Capex forecasts
- What you need to know about APIs when plotting your implementations
- Strategies for integrating source-to-pay, construction management, treasury and other systems

Whether you're just starting your digital transformation journey, or well on your way, if you have a stake in the effectiveness of your organization's capital planning, allocation and management, this webinar is for you.

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