Unified Capex Planning Software

Project planning plus true capital planning
in a single solution that shines.

Finario's capital expenditure software application on a monitor

The capital planning system that combines comprehensive project planning with everything FP&A needs to plan, budget, forecast and report on Capex. Establish a single source of truth across the enterprise.

Capital Planning

Actuals Tracking

Integrated actuals. Improved forecasts.

It’s impossible to forecast where you are headed without a clear grasp of where you stand. Feed actual payment information electronically from your ERP into Finario daily, weekly or monthly and automate actuals reporting once and for all.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Easy input. Automatic output.

Easily capture up-to-date forecasts from project managers with a single system of record for capital forecasting. No more calls from finance asking “how’s it looking?” or painful rooting around in ERPs for the latest invoices. Finario has created one simple, seamless process for everyone.

Forecast Accuracy

Eliminate bias. Maximize precision.

Research has shown that human judgment is generally too optimistic due to overconfidence and insufficient consideration of distributional information about outcomes. Finario uses AI to enable reference class forecasting, eliminate blind spots and improve forecast results.

Plan Reporting

Automated tracking. Instant answers.

Imagine a system that auto-reconciles every change to your capital plan. Every approval decision, every estimate change, every forecast revision – absolutely everything. With Finario, getting an up-to-date view of your plan is no longer a two-week process, it’s  automated, 100% correct and always on-time.

Project Planning

Portfolio Planning

Multiple scenarios. Clearer choices.

Create unlimited portfolio scenarios. Have the data you need to identify the most attractive investment opportunities, organize long-term capital plans and optimize your portfolio based on ROI, risk and other criteria.

Project Development

One truth. Better decisions.

Get a clear picture of capital projects. Automatically adapts to the type and status of the project, as well as the demands of your process, so you can make decisions with up-to-date data that you can trust.

Cost Estimation

Get granular. Plan smarter.

Build out your project cost estimates to the level of detail you require using the schema you prefer in the currencies that apply over any time frame. 

Investment Analysis

ROI Modeling. Comparable metrics. 

Simplify and standardize the modeling of financial benefit and ROI across business units and project types to ensure apples-to-apples comparisons and evaluation.

Risk Evaluation

Recognize the risk. Reap the rewards.

Estimate risk exposure using your current assessment criteria or Finario’s best practice methodology. Understand the risks  inherent in each project across your entire portfolio and confidently allocate funding.

Project Budgeting

Start right. Stay right.

Project budgets are dynamically built from your cost estimates upon project approval and managed automatically across fiscal periods throughout the project’s life.

Request Management

Less chasing. More doing.

Automate Capex workflow, including request submission and approval with the only system purpose-built for Capex and only Capex. Eliminate the manual workarounds and IT support headaches inherent to generic solutions.

Stage Gates

Staged process? Perfect tool.

Manage the development and approval of individual project elements using a defined stage gate process that is straightforward and reliable, no matter how complex your planning process gets.

Project Reporting

What happened. What’s next.

Eliminate the manual reporting “grind” and free up your team for higher value analysis. Have confidence that the numbers you report are accurate and credible. Drive long-term success with enhanced strategic positioning, faster revenue growth and higher profit margins.

Project Review

Lessons learned. Process improved.

Instill a culture of continuous improvement. Easily perform post-completion reviews on material projects incorporating actual operating results and ROI metrics. Record lessons learned and create a virtual feedback loop to drive your organization forward.

Spend Analytics

Dig deeper. Spend less.

Your capital project cost detail provides a treasure trove of data. Finario brings this data to life with a powerful ad-hoc query builder that gives your project and procurement teams the tools they need to identify savings opportunities.


Essential transparency. Perfect control.

Enhance capital program oversight with enterprise-grade auditing and administrative functionality. Demonstrate to auditors that everyone has access to all the information they need, and none of the data they shouldn’t.

Well connected. Connecting well.

Finario’s Capex software works with leading technologies and integrates readily with project management, procurement, ERP and other asset-related systems for seamless Capex cost management.

Exactly What You Need

Finario’s cloud technology provides rapid deployment, outstanding performance and rock-solid reliability (>99.99% uptime). Focus on managing projects rather than software.

Capex Technology Infrastructure

Highest Security Standards

Finario Capex software is SOC 2 certified, employing robust data encryption and intelligent threat detection.  Learn how we protect your data here.