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How allocating, managing and reporting your capital investments can be key to how FP&A approaches its company's sustainability and other ESG strategies. 


How reporting capital investments is tantamount to evidence of ESG commitment


How do you evaluate taking an opportunistic approach to ESG-related capital investments

The solution for Capex.


What are the capital costs of doing nothing vs. being proactive in anticipating regulations


How to apply consistent ESG criteria to your Capex approval process and ensure compliance

 “Finario’s automated, dynamic approval workflow was a great fit, and it provides the flexibility and visibility we need to handle our organizational complexity,”

Operations Controller

“Finario’s Portfolios functionality [provides] us with strategic value in terms of improved planning. It will help us optimize our investment mix and grow as an organization."

SVP Business Solutions

Capex is just too important to our business. Finario was the only system that had all the functions we wanted, and we really liked its ease of use.”

Director FP&A

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Finario is the world's most trusted software solution purpose-built for Capex.  Our intuitive cloud-based platform standardizes the budgeting, approval and forecasting of capital expenditures -- providing a single source of truth across the investment lifecycle.

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