Capital Project System Security

Confidence starts with secure Capex software.

Finario employs a robust and secure Capex software strategy that incorporates the encryption of all customer data whether in motion or at rest.

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Secure Capex Software Technology

Secure Capex Software that is SOC-Certified


Finario’s security and controls have been audited and certified by an independent AICPA auditor pursuant to the SOC standard.

Data Encrypted Secure Capex Software

Data encryption

We employ a robust security strategy that incorporates the encryption of all customer data whether in motion or at rest.

capital project system single stack

Single stack

With just one stack (software and hardware infrastructure) to manage, we’re able to ensure a stable, secure & high-performing application.

Hierarchical permissions

Finario gives you flexible control over each user’s access to project information from only their location to the entire organization or anywhere in between.


Single sign-on

Setup single-sign-on for your user base using our SAML integration to leading industry IAM platforms such as Okta and AzureAD.

Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon GuardDuty delivers intelligent threat detection and continuous monitoring for Finario, ensuring any unauthorized behavior is addressed in real-time.


American Zinc Recycling

With seven facilities strategically located throughout the U.S. and Canada, American Zinc Recycling (AZR) operates a diversified portfolio of businesses focused on zinc production and nickel processing – both from recycled materials. As the largest producer of zinc in the U.S., the company relies heavily on effective capital investment to maintain its competitive advantage in the market. Seeking to improve its project forecasting and overall Capex management process, AZR looked to Finario’s secure Capex software for help.


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