Procurement & Supply Chain

Finally, a software solution that offers better visibility into Capex sourcing options and costs.

Imagine if you could easily see and analyze the pipeline of future capital projects at the asset level within a single, end-to-end Capex system. By integrating Finario with your P2P or S2P system,  you can gain greater control and insight into Capex sourcing variables and options.

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A Capex system that enables earlier procurement input.


early visibility into future capital spending plans & maximize strategic sourcing opportunities.


project expenditures with access to powerful, configurable spend analytics across key dimensions.


Capex approvals to spend less time “processing” & more time analyzing opportunities.


faster by deploying capital more effectively with Finario’s intuitive Capex system.


Implementing an Effective Capex Sourcing Strategy

A common Capex fallacy is that every project is completely unique and it’s thus sufficient to approve each individually right before it is to start. Companies operating under this mis-apprehension naturally see little role for procurement with its standardized processes and thereby forfeit a significant savings opportunity. Here’s how to implement an effective Capex sourcing strategy within a unified Capex system…

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Explore the rest of Finario’s unified capital planning software suite.


Streamline the budget process and allocate capital wisely.

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Request automation & workflow, purpose-built for Capex.

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Know exactly where you stand against your capital budget.

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Establish a culture of continuous Capex improvement.

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