Engineering & Operations

Capital project management software for teams in the field.

Finario’s purpose-built Capex solution provides engineering & operations teams with access to up-to-date actuals, real-time forecasts and custom alerts ensuring that projects remain on-budget, on-time, and on track for success.

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Capital project management software that drives
organizational success.



the most attractive investment opportunities & organize long-term capital plans.


each portfolio based on ROI, financial & other investment criteria.


better results with accurate ROI calculations at the individual project and aggregated entity level.


quickly to changing internal & external circumstances with confidence & ease.


How to Manage Capital Project Risk

Studies have shown that half of all corporate growth is directly attributable to prior capital investment. For many companies, however, obtaining the maximum benefit from Capex is challenging. Hard choices must be made during the Capex management process between competing investment alternatives. Historically, capital project management software that can effectively calculate risk hasn’t existed, making these decisions more difficult.

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Streamline the budget process and allocate capital wisely.

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Know exactly where you stand against your capital budget.

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Establish a culture of continuous Capex improvement.

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