AFE Processes in the Oil & Gas Industry Leave Room For Improvement

Capex approval workflow processes go by many different names, and getting a handle on the alphabet soup of acronyms can be dizzying. Capital Expenditure Authorizations (CEAs), Capital Expenditure Requests (CERs), and Capital Appropriation Requests (CARs) all refer to the same general process. In the oil & gas industry, the more common term is Authorization for […]

How Does Capex Impact ROIC?

When it comes to CFOs making an impact, they’re up against the clock from the get-go.  Relentless shareholder scrutiny, constantly shifting market conditions, and the never-ending specter of organizational changes all add pressure to show results quickly. Chief among them: return on invested capital (ROIC). Why ROIC? Because, according to many, it’s the most important […]