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An FP&A Executive’s Guide to Trends in Finance and Their Impact on Capital Expenditures

 Attitudes Toward Risk Post-Covid

  Digital Transformation Status
  Capital Investment Rebounding?
  Cash Status (Yes, it’s still “king.”)
  Rethinking The Budgeting Process
  Includes capital expenditure forecasts for 7 industries!

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About Finario

From the smallest Capex request to the largest project, Finario’s enterprise capital planning & portfolio management solution gives finance and operation teams the data, insight and control necessary to drive higher returns on invested capital.  Establishing a single-source of truth for Capex on our cloud platform extends financial process synchronization and value creation across the wider enterprise.

“Finario’s automated, dynamic approval workflow was a great fit, and it provides the flexibility and visibility we need to handle our organizational complexity,”

“Finario’s Portfolios functionality [provides] us with strategic value in terms of improved planning. It will help us optimize our investment mix and grow as an organization."

"Capex is just too important to our business. Finario was the only system that had all the functions we wanted, and we really liked its ease of use.””