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Studies have shown that companies employing Capex best practices dramatically outperform those with an average process. Finario’s Capital Investment Effectiveness Framework divides capital expenditure management into seven key dimensions for analysis and measures performance on over 200 discrete variables.

Drawing on the Finario Framework, we’ve put together a series of concise executive briefings on key topics to build a Capex Best Practice Library. We hope you find it thought provoking and look forward to hearing about your own experience.

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Executive Briefings

Executive Briefings

Keep up with Capex best practices with Finario’s original and growing archive of executive briefings.

Reports & Articles

Reports & Articles

Stay up-to-date with the latest capital and portfolio management trends through relevant reports and articles.

Product Info

Product Info

Download our latest product information to learn more about our comprehensive Capex solutions.

Cross Device Capital Expenditure Software

The Benefits of Cloud Technology

Finario provides the first cloud-based solution for capital and portfolio management that enables organizations of all sizes to unify the capital investment process and establish a single source of truth across the investment lifecycle, from project inception to post-completion review.

Finario’s straightforward API-based integration with on-premise and SaaS applications makes it possible for organizations of all sizes to efficiently close the loop on capital project performance reporting.

Find out how Finario’s Capex Cloud is providing a hassle-free and comprehensive solution that simplifies IT, ensures transparency at every step of the process and promotes better capital investment decision making.

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