Complete enterprise solution.

Simplify planning & forecasting with a single application for capital budgeting, Capex approvals and project cost tracking. Eliminate painful spreadsheet reconciliations and consolidation errors.


Easy and efficient.

Finario gives everyone on your team exactly the information they need to be most effective - when and where they need it.  Nothing more, nothing less.


The Swiss railroad of Capex.

Capital expenditure requests move like clockwork.  Important policies are followed.  Best practices flow across the system.  Costly surprises are ancient history.


Total visibility.

Real-time reporting of approval status and cost variances.  Rolling budget and cash flow reforecasting at the touch of a button.  Zoom in to a single investment or out to the entire project portfolio.


The power & flexibility of a cloud-native solution.

No incremental hardware or software.  No hassle.  Rapid deployment, continuous innovation and complete transparency.  It doesn't get any better than this.


A solution just for you.

Need multiple currencies or only automated approvals, no problem.  Our cloud architecture gives you easy access to the exact functionality you need.  With Finario, you are always in control.