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Finario Capital Planning & Management

Finario provides the first comprehensive, cloud-based solution for capital planning and management. The world’s leading enterprises use Finario to streamline the capital investment process, accelerate decision making and deploy capital strategically to gain an edge in today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace.

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Easily optimize your capital allocation.

Isn’t it time you adopted a single system-of-record for Capex that offered greater visibility into all of your capital projects and enabled your organization to allocate its capital effectively? Finario offers the first end-to-end cloud-based Capex solution. 

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Make smarter Capex decisions collaboratively.

Finario’s cloud native Capex solution can be accessed from any connected device, allowing all teams, from Finance and Accounting, to IT, Operations and Engineering, to easily communicate and collaborate across projects.


Trusted by leading organizations.

Finario works with prominent companies around the world across an array of industries, including manufacturing, mining, consumer products, food & beverage, retail, real estate, healthcare, transportation and more.

  • Finario has eased the approval process throughout the organization. It's a highly effective tool for capital management that I would recommend to anyone looking for a better way to manage Capex.

    -Phil, Vice President of Engineering & Project Management

  • Finario was a huge win for us. There is now transparency from having all the information in one place. Finario has brought visibility to our equipment purchasing...

    -Chris, Director of Strategy & Corporate Development

  • Before Finario, we used paper forms and spreadsheets to manage more than 1,000 capital requests per year for 30 properties. Finario has cut our approval time in half.

    -Erin, Executive Director, Capital Asset Management

  • Finario made it easy for us to establish an efficient, standardized process for capital budgeting and approvals. The spending analytics are very powerful and I can now generate all the reports I need.

    -Gina, Capital Financial Manager

  • Finario’s capital projects tracking solution helps eliminate unpleasant financial surprises and makes it easy to present and review investment proposals at capital committee and board meetings.

    -Jeff, Chief Financial Officer

  • Most of the products we looked at were very heavy on the project management functionality side. What was attractive about Finario was that it could do all of that if you wanted it to, but the application also allowed you to focus much more on project performance at a higher level.

    -Aaron, Senior Vice President of Business Solutions

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Innovative cloud-based technology.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

With the ability to deploy Finario’s application in days instead of weeks, your organization will be able to reach your Capex goals faster and more effectively.



Finario’s Capex Solution can be accessed across connected devices, enabling you to make informed Capex decisions in real-time while on the go.

Quick Integration

Quick Integration

Finario can easily integrate with other applications whether on-premise of in the cloud, and offers certified connectors to SAL, Oracle and many others.



Finario’s Capex solution requires no additional hardware or software, has no hidden IT support costs, and can be easily administered by non-technical team members.