Capital Planning Software

Enterprise Capital Planning Software

Consistently classifying investment opportunities and estimating financial returns are the basic building blocks for successful capital investment. Finario’s capital planning software enables you to manage your pipeline of future investment opportunities and more.

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Core Capital Planning Software Functions

Project Pipeline

Manage your pipeline of future investment opportunities.

Portfolio Optimization

Optimize your capital investment program with capital project portfolio planning scenarios.

Portfolio Reporting

Monitor and analyze portfolio cost & ROI performance.

Capital planning software by Finario


Managing Capital Project Risk

In order for your organization to optimize its capital project portfolio, it’s important that the appropriate checks and balances are in place that allow you to identify, quantify, mitigate and manage any potential project or strategic risks. In this executive briefing, Finario lays out several best practices for managing Capex risk effectively.

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Explore More Capex Solutions

Capital Budgeting

Capital Budgeting

Our capital budgeting application allows you to gain greater visibility into your budgets in real-time and allocate capital with confidence.

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Capex Approval

Capex Approval

Ensure timely and accurate approval routing, minimize unproductive communication and email, and track capital expenditure request status.

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Project Forecasting

Project Forecasting

Easily forecast your capital projects and manage actuals with greater frequency without having to hunt for payments within your ERP.

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