Capital Planning Software

Capex success starts with informed capital planning.

Finario’s intuitive capital planning software enables you to manage your pipeline of future investment opportunities, conduct budget reporting, forecast actuals and more.

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Explore core capital planning software features:

Budget Planning

Capture all capital expenditure and project requests for the coming year electronically.

Budget Analysis

Automate consolidation of proposed capital spending and easily analyze across mutiple dimensions.

Budget Depreciation

Depreciation for budgeted projects is automatically generated by project and business unit.

Budget Reporting

Analyze budgeted spend and report on actual performance.


Enter, upload or import actual payment data and have it matched automatically to the correct project.


Simplify the entering and roll-up of monthly project forecasts.

KPI Dashboards

View project and portfolio KPIs on dashboards specifically designed to facilitate investment and operational decision making.

Performance Reporting

Easily generate financial performance reports across the entire portfolio, a single project or anywhere in between.

One Source of Truth

For all Capex financial reporting needs.

Inline ROI

Make key ROI metrics available to aid in capital allocation decisions throughout the capital investment lifecycle.

Finario Converge

Identify, rank and approve the best possible set of projects based on a real-time understanding of your current and pro-forma financial position.

ROI Results

ROI is the real measure of Capex performance, Finario makes it easy to see how you did.


Finario reporting and analysis is powered by a super fast “big data” engine.


Set custom alerts to criteria you specify so that you can proactively address problems before they snowball.

Project Benchmarking

Compare projects across time and the enterprise to deepen understanding and drive success.

Continuous Improvement

Capture lessons learned on each project and enable a culture of continuous improvement.

The best way to make an informed Capex approval decision

More context. Better decisions.

With Finario Converge, leverage Finario’s capital planning software to generate precise answers in real-time to age-old questions such as:

  • Where do we stand against budget?
  • Do we have the funds to invest in this project?
  • How does this project compare to the others?

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How to Optimize Project Cash Flow Forecasting

Capturing actual costs by project and comparing them to those used to justify the investment is an essential discipline of capital investment management. Without this variance analysis, it would obviously be virtually impossible to improve performance. But what costs should be tracked and how often?

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Explore Finario’s other Capex applications.



Standardize the Capex approval process by centralizing workflows and automating formerly manual processes.

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Construct capital project portfolio planning scenarios to optimize your capital investment program.

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Enterprise Upgrade

Enterprise Upgrade

Upgrade your application(s) to establish global control of your capital program.

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