Capex Reporting Software

Advanced Capex reporting, analytics & insights.

From spend analytics to budget reporting and more, Finario delivers powerful Capex reporting software that provides much needed visibility into capital investment performance.

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Explore core Capex reporting software features:

Investment Pipeline

Manage your pipeline of future investment opportunities.

Spend Analytics

“Slice and dice” your capital spend along multiple dimensions to drive procurement savings and deeper management insights.


Generate attractive visualizations of your data with the click of a button.

Process Reporting

Keep an eye on the approval funnel for your organization and take immediate action when bottlenecks develop.


Implementing an Effective Capex Sourcing Strategy

A common Capex fallacy is that every project is completely unique, necessitating a custom management approach from planning through execution. Companies operating under this mis-apprehension naturally see little role for procurement with its standardized processes and thereby forfeit a significant savings opportunity.

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Discover more Approval Application capabilities.



Establish a single home for each project’s data and discussion.

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Route Capex requests automatically with dynamic authorization rules.

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