Capital Budgeting Software

Streamline capital budgeting & improve allocation.

Automatically capture and rank proposed investments to accelerate the capital budgeting process and ensure the approval of the optimal capital project portfolio.

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Explore core capital budgeting software features:

One Source of Truth

For all capital allocation decisions.

Budget Planning

Capture all capital expenditure requests for the coming year electronically.

Budget Analysis

Automate consolidation of proposed capital spending and easily analyze across dimensions.

Inline ROI

Make key ROI metrics available during the annual budgeting process to improve capital allocation decisions.

Budget Depreciation

Depreciation for budgeted projects is automatically generated by project and business unit.

Budget Reporting

Analyze budgeted spend and report on actual performance.

Introducing Finario's capital budgeting solution


Re-Examining Capital Planning & Budgeting

Executives responsible for building and managing the capital budget are frequently hamstrung by manual processes and outdated or inadequate technology. In this briefing, Finario examines how organizations can overcome common capital planning and budgeting challenges by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

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