Capital Budgeting Solution

Is Your Capital Budgeting Process Burdensome?

The traditional capital budgeting process, which may involve aggregating hundreds of projects involving thousands of individual costs across dozens of facilities, is no small job. ERP systems are not designed to facilitate efficient capital budgeting, but spreadsheets are not the answer either. The effort required to keep them up-to-date and synchronized crowds out planning and analysis, the areas where the most value can be added.

Core Capital Budgeting Application Functions

Budget Planning

Capture all capital expenditure requests for the coming year electronically.

Budget Decisions

Choose which projects should be budgeted for each business unit.

Budget Reporting

Analyze budgeted spend and report on actual performance.

Finario's capital budgeting application provides real-time visibility


Re-Examining Capital Planning & Budgeting

With Capex directly responsible for 50% of all corporate growth, capital investment performance is an essential foundation of long-term business success. In most companies, however, the executives responsible for building and managing the capital budget are hamstrung by manual processes and outdated or inadequate technology. In this executive briefing, Finario examines how organizations can overcome these capital planning and budgeting challenges by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

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Allocate Capital with Confidence

Finario enables team members from Finance, Accounting, IT, Engineering and beyond to gain the real-time visibility into projects being planned across their organizations so they can budget accordingly and allocate capital with confidence. Our capital budgeting solution allows you to:

  • View your investment opportunity pipeline
  • Automate the submission of annual capital budgeting requests
  • Eliminate consolidation hassles and the risk of data errors
  • Compare capital budgets across long-term planning cycles

It’s time to put error-ridden spreadsheets aside and infuse your capital budgeting process with the efficiency it needs.

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Powerful capital budgeting software in the cloud

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