Capex Software Solutions Overview

End-to-End Capex Software in the Cloud

Isn’t it time for a single system-of-record for capital expenditures with best-of-breed capabilities across the board? Finario offers the first, complete, end-to-end cloud-based Capex software solution. With real-time data, embedded analytics and a compelling user experience, Finario redefines what it means to manage global Capex. Find out how Finario’s Capex software is unifying all phases of the capital investment process, while maximizing team efficiency and process visibility.

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Capex Software Solutions

Capital Planning

Capital Planning

With Finario’s capital project portfolio management software, gain the power to easily compare multiple project portfolio scenarios at any time.

Capital Budgeting

Capital Budgeting

Our capital budgeting application allows you to gain greater visibility into your budgets in real-time and allocate capital with confidence.

Capex Approval

Capex Approval

Ensure timely and accurate approval routing, minimize unproductive communication and email, and track capital expenditure request status.

Project Forecasting

Project Forecasting

Easily forecast your capital projects and manage actuals with greater frequency without having to hunt for payments within your ERP.

Performance Review

Performance Review

Develop a formal post-completion review process to identify opportunities for improvement throughout every stage of the Capex lifecycle.

Capex Integration

Capex Integration

Finario Connect makes it easy to integrate Finario with other applications whether on-premise or in the cloud.


Why Capex? Why Now?

The average American company spends 5-7% of revenue on capital investment, and the financial impact is much larger. In fact, research shows that capital investment is directly responsible for 50% of all corporate growth. 

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Finario’s Capex Software Includes:


Dashboards – View key performance indicators by project or organization.

Reporting – Generate periodic reporting with the push of button.

Analytics – Report on Capex in real-time across multiple dimensions.

Collaboration – Share information with your colleagues on any device.

Currencies – Local costs are converted into your base reporting currency.

Content Management – Upload electronic project files.

Vendors – Log multiple quotes per item and manage spend by vendor.

Workflow – Route Capex requests instantly with dynamic approval rules.

Process Control – Standardize your process and eliminate mistakes.

Audit Trail – Access permanent history of approval decisions.

Permissions – Exercise granular control over user access and rights.

Security – World-class data centers and enterprise-grade security.


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Finario's capex software offers a multitude of unique features

Low Cost, Low risk

The Cloud eliminates complexity. There is no software or hardware to install, so you don’t have to wait months to get started and integration with enterprise systems is a snap.  With Finario Capex software, you’ll be up and running—and seeing a positive impact on your business—in a fraction of the time.

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