Capex Approval Solution

Standardize the Capex Approval Process

An efficient Capex approval process is the cornerstone of sound cost control and can ensure that precious capital is put to the best use. Finario’s application has been designed to standardize the Capex approval process by centralizing workflows and automating manual processes.

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Core Capex Approval Software Functions


Establish one home for each project’s data and discussion.

Cost Estimation

Build cost lists in whatever level of detail you require.

ROI / Benefits

Automatically calculate ROI metrics, build ROI models and more.

Approval Workflow

Route Capex requests with dynamic authorization rules.

Spend Analytics

Report on capital expenditure across multiple dimensions.

D-I-Y Admin

Do-it-yourself without having to bother IT or pay outside consultants.

Streamline the Capex approval process


The Keys to Successful Capital Investment Authorization

Approving the portfolio of capital investment proposals that will collectively contribute the most to the company’s strategic objectives and enterprise value is critically important. In this briefing, Finario explores how an effective Capex approval process can be implemented via upfront investment planning and thorough project development.

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Make the Right Capex Approval Decisions

With Finario Converge, organizations can now leverage Finario’s capital and portfolio management platform to generate precise answers in real-time to age-old capital budgeting questions, such as:

► Where do we stand against budget?

► Do we have the funds for this investment?

►How does this project compare to others?

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Capital Budgeting

Capital Budgeting

Our capital budgeting application allows you to gain greater visibility into your budgets in real-time and allocate capital with confidence.

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Project Forecasting

Project Forecasting

Easily forecast your capital projects and manage actuals with greater frequency without having to hunt for payments within your ERP.

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Performance Review

Performance Review

Develop a formal post-completion review process to identify opportunities for improvement throughout every stage of the Capex lifecycle.

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