Capital Investment Evaluation Solution

How Do You Measure Capex Performance?

Determining Capex effectiveness requires an understanding of ROI drivers. At Finario, we’re helping organizations more accurately determine ROI with benefit model assumptions, ROI metrics, models and more.

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Core Capital Investment Evaluation Functions

ROI Projections

Let project owners easily build financially correct ROI models without needing significant assistance from Finance.

Inline ROI

Make key ROI metrics available to aid in capital allocation decisions throughout the capital investment lifecycle.

ROI Results

ROI is the real measure of Capex performance, Finario makes it easy to see how you did.

Improve investment performance with Finario's Capex review software


Overcoming Capital Project Evaluation Challenges

Why are so many capital projects late and over budget? Why do such a high percentage fail to deliver the promised benefits? Is it a poor project execution? A common Capex fallacy is that every project is unique – requiring special information and a custom management approach. In this executive briefing, Finario explores how the lack of standardization leads to critical information gaps and inadequate analysis.

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Capex Collaboration

Capex Collaboration

Find out how Finario’s cloud-based application is helping to usher in a new era of contextual Capex collaboration.

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Capital Project Reporting

Capital Project Reporting

Gain much needed visibility into the effectiveness of capital investments and Capex management workflows.

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System Integrations

System Integrations

Finario Connect makes it easy to integrate Finario with other applications whether on-premise or in the cloud.

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