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Finario provides the first end-to-end solution for capital and portfolio management and collaboration in the cloud. Larger enterprises deploy Capex management software to automate and standardize the investment process in order to create a single system of financial record for Capex, as well as to control costs and improve performance. Focused on innovation, we enable our clients to make informed Capex decisions that maximize return on invested capital and secure future corporate growth and profitability.

At Finario, we fully understand the considerable effort required to effectively catalog, budget, review, authorize and track capital projects. As such, our cloud-based application is designed to offer an intuitive and adaptable experience depending on your organization’s specific capital project management needs.

Founded in 2011 by a team of data-driven finance and technology veterans, Finario provides cloud-based Capex management solutions for notable companies across an array of verticals, including in manufacturing, hotels, retail, food and beverage, real estate, healthcare, agriculture and more. Finario is privately-held, and headquartered in Fairfield County, Connecticut, less than an hour north of New York City.

Our Mission

At Finario, your company’s growth is top of mind, and we believe that smart capital investment is critical to profitability. As such, it is our mission to deliver easy-to-use and collaborative Capex management software that delivers:


One Source of Truth

An entire suite of solutions to meet all your Capex needs from start to finish.


Smarter Allocation

Maximized returns driven by a better understanding of how, when and where to invest.


Better Decisions

Real-time intelligence at every stage of the Capex lifecycle, from planning to review.

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With ever changing business and capital market conditions, many companies are striving to speed up decision making and increase forecast frequency and accuracy. With Finario Capex management software, enterprises can gain total portfolio visibility and proactively achieve their objectives.

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