FP&A From the Frontlines: Overcoming Obstacles to Capex Post-Completion Reviews

Here’s a conversation with Finario’s own Mike Evans on why post-completion reviews are so important, and how to get them implemented based on his senior finance experience working with a multinational industrial company and leading consultancy/advisory brand. When we think about post completion reviews and continuous improvement, what — from your perspective — are the […]

Elevating Your Approach to Capex: From Project Focus to Portfolio Management

As the manufacturer of a product, it takes many inputs to produce a good for sale: materials, labor, and capital equipment. You have a system to track labor by job. Your job costing system tracks material usage against standards and notes variances. But are you tracking Capex spend? Do you know the status of your […]

FP&A From the Frontlines: Nonstandard Reporting in an Ever-Changing Environment

There are some axioms in financial management you simply can’t violate no matter how smart or how good you are. For instance: when it comes to FP&A reporting, you may want fast, accurate and cheap, but you can only pick two. Of the three, in my experience, the only “non-negotiable” choice among them is “accurate.” […]

SaaS and the Cloud vs. Custom-Built On-Premise Apps: What Finance Teams Need to Know

Prior to the early 2000s, most enterprises purchased software and applications that lived “on-premise” — meaning they were installed, stored and administered locally. With its founding in 1999, however, Salesforce.com changed everything. One of the first to deliver enterprise applications via the Internet, it would launch an era of what has come to be called […]

Compilation of Trends in Finance and Capex: An FP&A Exec’s Guide

There’s no shortage of predictions and prognosticators when it comes to the future of finance, FP&A and the role of Capex in driving corporate growth. But there is some consensus, which can be summarized this way: Companies need to move faster. Senior leaders must be more strategic. Digital transformation is here to stay. And, as […]

Developing a business case for effective capital program transformation

Where to Begin with Capital Program Transformation For any new initiative you wish to undertake, it’s imperative to develop a business case and rationale that will help to define its vision and its value. Proposing to transform the way your business manages its capital program is no exception, and there are a number of factors […]

The key components of agile Capex management

The key components of agile Capex management Somewhere in between sluggishness and runaway growth, there exists a goldilocks zone where the most successful companies optimize their business model and stand out from the rest. For these companies, speed is not the name of the game – rather, it’s agility. The companies that have developed an […]

Mitigating capital project risks through strong governance

Mitigating capital project risks through strong governance Large capital projects are subject to a multitude of different risks that can significantly influence an investment’s performance and its overall financial impact for an organization. As such, identifying and mitigating these various risks are essential to effective capital investment. In today’s volatile financial environment, however, properly evaluating […]