Cloud-Based Capex Technology

Discover why Finario’s cloud-based Capex software is easy to roll out, use & administer.

New ideas and Capex management best practices can be shared fluidly across the enterprise with Finario’s cloud-based Capex software.

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Cloud-based Capex Software technology

rapid rollout capex management best practices

Rapid rollout

On-board and implement Finario across your organization in record time without significant assistance from IT.

usability capex management best practices


Our emphasis on usability results in enthusiastic users and keeps training and support costs to a minimum.

Cloud-based Capex Software for collaboration


Collaborate with your colleagues in the context of a project, follow important projects and more.

Fully mobile Cloud-based Capex Software

Fully mobile

Make informed Capex approvals on the go from your smartphone or other internet-connected device with just the tap of your finger.


Non-technical admin

Business users can serve as admins and easily make adjustments to approval routes or other account settings without assistance from IT.


Continuous innovation

User feedback and the latest Capex management best practices are incorporated rapidly, ensuring your team always has the best tool available.


Cement Australia

In 2016, Cement Australia found itself in the market for an end-to-end Capex application. Engaging all major parts of the business, the organization systematically gathered feedback on the common challenges and unique pain points experienced throughout the Capex approval process across individual business units and set out to find a solution. Rather quickly, the organization was able to configure its approval matrix, upload its investment data, and implement Capex management best practices with Finario.

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Cloud-based Capex Software Technology across devices

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With just one stack (software and hardware infrastructure) to manage, we ensure high stability, security and performance.

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