Capex Research Panel

Enrich your thought leadership.
Join the Finario Capex Research Panel.

Despite its outsized influence on enterprise performance, the issues and strategies around  capital planning, allocation and management are rarely front and center in the  mainstream business discourse.

We’re out to change that.

If you have a point of view … if you have experience that others would benefit from … if you believe that having a shared perspective on critical issues in Capex is important, we’d like to hear from you. Join the Capex Research Panel.

As part of the Finario Capex Research Panel, you’ll be invited to participate in three surveys per year, each of which will explore capital planning, allocation and management issues business leaders are (or will be) facing as they navigate the industries they’re in.

Participants in the panel are entitled to these exclusive benefits:

  • Opportunities to receive a stipend for agreeing to a follow-up interview
  • Public relations opportunities, including being featured in articles and webinars
  • Receive advance release of all research findings
  • Annual gift as a token of our appreciation

Most importantly, you will be contributing to an important body of knowledge on topics every finance executive in capital-sensitive organizations should be up to date on.


To ensure the integrity of the data we collect, participation in the panel is limited to those who meet certain firmographic and other criteria. To join the panel, take our quick survey now to see if you qualify.

“Companies in the top third of stock market valuation relative to their peers—invest approximately 50% more in Capex than their peers and achieve approximately 55% higher returns on assets and  approximately 65% higher sales growth.” -BCG