Edition Features

Basic Edition

Capex Request Approval Automation

Finario’s Basic Edition includes the following features:


Quickly find any project whether current, archived or in the future pipeline


Write a compelling business justification with robust document formatting – even embed web links, charts or photos

Cost Scheduling

Estimate monthly project cash outflow by vendor, asset, type or other dimension

Standard Costs

Create an asset library for commonly purchased items such as vehicles or equipment specific to your business


Capture multiple quotes per your policy as part of the project record


Track and manage spend by vendor


Display the major stages or milestones of your project and visually indicate the status of each stage

Replaced Assets

Track the sale, transfer or other disposition of replaced assets


Attach Word, Excel, .pdf and other electronic files to the project record – even photos and videos

ROI Modeling

Let project owners easily build financially correct ROI models without significant assistance from Finance

Tax Depreciation

Tax depreciation for project costs is automatically incorporated into the ROI model

ROI Drivers

Set benefit model assumptions such as discount and tax rates to standardize your calculation and evaluation of ROI

ROI Metrics

ROI metrics are automatically calculated and made available throughout the system to aid decision making

Rules Engine

Our flexible rules engine makes it possible to automatically route Capex requests for approval no matter how complex your schema

Mobile Approval

Approve projects in only two clicks on your iPhone, Android device, iPad or other tablet

Auto Remind

Set automated reminders so your approvals move like clockwork


Delegate approval authority to a backup when an approver will be unavailable for an extended period for whatever reason

Approval Rounds

Each investment can pass through multiple rounds of approval as necessary


Require mandatory re-approval of projects exceeding a cost tolerance threshold you set without having to file a separate supplemental request

Approval Matrix

View your approval matrix in tabular form to ensure compliance with policy and faciliate updates

Status Icons

Colorful icons clearly indicate the status of each project at all times

Audit Trail

Each individual approver’s decision along with any comments is automatically logged and time stamped to provide a clear audit trail


A rules-based checklist helps ensure that all necessary data is present before a Capex request is submitted for approval

Process Reporting

Keep an eye on the approval funnel for your organization and take immediate action when bottlenecks develop

Spend Analytics

“Slice and dice” your capital spend along multiple dimensions to drive procurement savings and deeper management insights


Generate attractive visualizations of your data with the click of a button


Collaborate with your colleagues in the context of a project and leave the long email trails behind.


Share confidential comments and analyses in Finario with team members privately


System generated and custom notifications keep your team informed and help ensure an efficient process


Follow important projects and receive automated updates as the project progresses


Export capital spend and project data for one-off analysis or inclusion in board presentations


Govern user access to information both organizationally and functionally


All information entered into Finario is encrypted in transit AND at rest for the highest possible degree of security

Team Edition

Capital Expenditure Management

Finario’s Team Edition includes all of the features listed in the Basic Edition above, plus:

Budget Requests

Business units can easily designate investments for inclusion in the capital budget

Budget Rollover

Rollover the remaining spend for current projects with just two clicks


Choose which projects should be budgeted for each business unit


Budgeted annual capital spend is automatically calculated for all organizational levels

Book Depreciation

Depreciation on planned capital expenditures is automatically calculated for all organizational levels


Drill-down report from the parent company to any business unit, individual capital project or even single invoice

Finario Converge

Identify, rank and approve the best possible set of projects based on a real-time understanding of your current and pro-forma financial position


Enter actual payments and close the loop on performance reporting by tracking actuals in the same system used for capital budgeting and approvals

Payment Upload

Import payments from your ERP and have them automatically matched to the correct line item of the right project

Detailed Forecasts

Detailed project line-item cash flow forecasting eliminates the need for project managers to maintain additional spreadsheets

Auto Forecast

Let the system automatically apply actuals and update the forecast for smaller and simpler investments


Monitor actual/forecast project spend against budgeted and approved amounts.

KPI Dashboards

View project and portfolio KPIs on dashboards specifically designed to facilitate investment and operational decision making

Forecast Change

Compare the forecast for a portfolio or any project as of month or quarter end or ANY two dates you specify!

Actual ROI

Easily update the ROI model with actual P&L results to calcuate actual ROI metrics

Lessons Learned

Capture a list of project successes, areas for improvement and go forward action steps

Quantum DE

Finario reporting and analysis is powered by a super fast “big data” engine

Financial Reporting

Review project by project performance versus current year budget and the full life of the project


Set custom alerts to criteria you specify so that you can proactively address problems before they snowball

Corporate Edition

Capital Planning & Cost Control

Finario’s Corporate Edition includes all of the features listed in the Basic and Team Editions above, plus:

Purchase Orders

Import purchase order data from your ERP to track committed project spend


Import invoice data from your ERP to track committed project spend


Permit the entry of proposed capital costs in local currency and enjoy automatic conversion to your base reporting currency

Budget Pools

Allow users to submit investments for funding consideration against pre-determined budgets

Budget Locking

Prohibit “after the fact” changes to ensure sound budgetary control

Organization Admin

Delegate end-user administration to designated local business unit admin


Our public API makes it easy for your IT team to integrate Finario with other enterprise systems

Single Sign-On

Integrate Finario with your IAM / SSO system to efficiently manage user access and administration consistent with your existing enterprise policies and procedures

Finario Connect

Let Finario manage integration using the industry’s leading 3rd party integration platform with certified connectors to SAP, Oracle and hundreds of other applications

Enterprise Edition

Capital & Portfolio Management

Finario’s Enterprise Edition includes all of the features listed in the Basic, Team and Corporate Editions above, plus:


Construct capital project portfolio planning scenarios to optimize your capital investment program


Rank potential capital projects using ROI or qualitative assessments


Compare alternative capital project portfolio scenarios along multiple dimensions


Create new portfolios that are a combination of two or more other portfolios


View the impact of varying proejct start dates on the timing of cash outflows


After optimizing your planning process, convert your plan into next year’s capital budget and tee up your projects for approval and forecasting

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