Capital Project Collaboration

Contextually-driven capital project collaboration.

With a suite of Capex management solutions that promote the cross-pollination of ideas, Finario is ushering in a new era of context capital project collaboration.

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Explore Finario's Capex reporting functionality

Explore core capital project collaboration features:


Collaborate with your colleagues in the context of a project and leave the long email trails behind.


Share confidential comments and analyses in Finario with team members privately.


Follow important projects and receive automated updates as the project progresses.


Quickly find any project whether current, archived or in the future pipeline.


Implementing an Effective Capex Sourcing Strategy

A key strength of high performing companies is the ability to apply strategic sourcing and supply-chain management techniques used in the acquisition of raw materials and other “direct” spend categories to capital goods. In this briefing, Finario explains how it’s imperative to bring procurement into capital project development at an early stage in order to successfully bring spend management benefits to Capex.

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The Capex Cloud provides better capital investment management capabilities

Infuse your capital program with the mobility it needs.

Access Finario’s application from any device, including desktop, tablet and mobile, any enable every team to easily communicate and collaborate across projects.

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