Capex Integration

Leverage our public API.

Whatever the scenario, Capex integration has never been faster, easier or more transparent. Seamlessly manage the exchange of data by connecting to Finario through our API.

Common Capex integration scenarios include:

Budget Details

Export budgeted capital expenditures and depreciation from Finario.

Approval Status

Export capital project approval status from Finario.

Exchange Rates

Import foreign currency exchange rates.

Capital Project Costs

Import actual capital project cost data into Finario (Purchase Orders, Invoices Payments).

Master Data

Synchronize master data such as organization hierarchies, account categories and cost classifications.

Fixed Assets

Export asset data as projects are completed and put into service.

Seamlessly integrate Finario with other enterprise systems.

Finario’s API makes it easy to integrate with the most common enterprise systems whether on-premise or in the cloud, including ERP, EPM, Project Management and Fixed Assets applications.

Establish Capex integration with Finario in just two weeks

SSO Partner & Capex Integration

Single sign-on options.

Integrate Finario with your identify and access management (IAM) or SSO system to efficiently manage user access and administration consistent with your existing enterprise policies and procedures.