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Capital Expenditure Software That’s Effective & Intuitive

Capital investment performance is the foundation of long-term business success. Finally, there is an easy way to improve your team’s efficiency and enhance your organization’s effectiveness. Finario’s capital expenditure software is the first application designed from inception to help you reach your ultimate objective: maximizing the return on your enterprise’s investment in its future.

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Capex Collaboration

Capex Collaboration

Finario’s cloud-based platform is helping to usher in a new era of contextual Capex collaboration with a suite of intuitive capital investment management tools.

Project ROI Modeling

Project ROI Modeling

Our platform helps your organization more accurately determine ROI by automatically calculating ROI metrics, building ROI models and more.

Capital Project Reporting

Capital Project Reporting

Finario’s collaborative Capex reports provide much needed visibility into the effectiveness of capital investments and Capex management workflows.

System Integrations

System Integrations

Finario Connect makes it easy to integrate Finario with other applications whether on-premise or in the cloud. Capex integration has never been faster or easier.

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Capex Management: Spreadsheets v. the Cloud

While many companies have traditionally built custom applications to facilitate Capex approvals, spreadsheets are still heavily relied upon to manage capital budgeting, forecasting and reporting across organizations of all sizes. Finario sheds light on how the future of Capex management is being shaped by cloud-based technology that can provide the real-time insights, spend analytics and accessibility needed to drive Capex success.

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Truly Comprehensive & Effective Capital Expenditure Software

Finario provides the first cloud-based solution for capital and portfolio management that enables organizations of all sizes to unify the capital investment process and establish a single source of truth across the investment lifecycle, from project inception to post-completion review.

Finario’s straightforward API-based integration to with on-premise and SaaS applications makes it possible for organizations of all sizes to efficiently close the loop on capital project performance reporting. For example, payments are fed into the Finario application and automatically matched to the correct project. Monthly forecasting is streamlined, and the roll-up of actual and forecast spend across the organization is instantaneous.

It’s never been easier to gain real-time visibility into capital expenditure spending and your key financial performance indicators for Capex.

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Access Finario's capital expenditure software across devices

Cloud Technology Benefits

With roles-based permissions, industrial-strength security and extensive configuration options, Finario provides robust and cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service for the enterprise. Our business model provides complete transparency, minimizes risk and ensures the lowest total cost of ownership.

Read more about the benefits of our cloud-based capital expenditure software application and how easy it is to obtain all the power and essential capital investment functionality you need, with none of the hassle, feature bloat and cost of traditional software that you don’t.

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